1.2 Terms of Use – Privacy Policy


PROCESSOR: We are DIADIASIS NIKOLAOS & SIA O.O. and we process your personal data as a controller.
PURPOSE OF USING YOUR DATA: We will use your data (collected electronically or in person) to manage your user registration, to manage your purchases of services, to answer your questions and, if you wish , to send you personalized communications.
to process your data for various reasons. The main reason is that we need to process them to perform the contract you enter into with us when you register and when you receive any of our services or features, however there are other reasons that allow us to use them such as, but not limited to: our interest in answering your questions or the consent you give us to send you our newsletter.
WHO WE SHARE YOUR DATA WITH: We share your data with service providers who help or support us, who may be third party partners with whom we have a contract and who are located within the European Union.
YOUR RIGHTS: You have the right to access, correct or delete your personal data. In some cases, you also have other rights, such as, for example, objecting to our use of your data or the right to portability of your data, as we explain in detail below.

We invite you to read the full Privacy Policy below to fully understand how we use your personal data and the rights you have over it.


The person in charge of processing your data is DIADIASIS NIKOLAOS & SIA OE, based in Thessaloniki on VI.PE Oreokastro, as it is legally represented.


Depending on the purpose for which we process your data from time to time, as we have explained above, we need to process one or more of your data, which will generally be, as the case may be, the following:

your identity information (for example, your first and last name, the language and country from which you interact with us, contact information, etc.)
financial and transactional information (for example, your payment or card details, etc.)
connection, geo-location and internet browsing data (for example if you contact us from your mobile phone,)
commercial information (for example, if you have subscribed to our newsletter),
information about your preferences.

Please remember that when we ask you to fill in your personal data to access any of our features or services,
we will mark certain fields as mandatory, since this is data we need to be able to provide the service or
to give you access to that feature. Please note that if you choose not to provide us with this information, you may not be able to complete your registration as a user or
you may not be able to use those services or features.

Depending on how you interact with the Organization, e.g. depending on the services, products or features you wish to receive, we will process your personal data for the following purposes:

1. For the development, fulfillment and execution of the service contract you have entered into with us on the website.


This purpose includes the processing of your data, mainly for:

·     To contact you about updates or
the information notices related to the features, products or services contracted for, including sending quality surveys and in order to be able to determine the degree of customer satisfaction with the service provided.

·     To manage payment for products you purchase, regardless of the payment process used.


2. To respond to requests and requests you make through Customer Service channels


We only process the personal data that is absolutely necessary to manage or resolve the request or
of your application.


3. For marketing purposes


·      This purpose includes the processing of your data, in particular:

·      Although when you subscribe to our Newsletter, we will process your personal data to manage your subscription, including sending you personalized information about our products or services via various means (such as email or SMS). We may also provide you with

information via push notifications if you have enabled them on your mobile device.

·       Accordingly, please note that this data processing involves the analysis of your profile as a user or customer in order to determine what your preferences are and therefore which products best suit your style when sending the information to you.

·      Remember that you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time and free of charge through the “Newsletter” section of the website, as well as through the instructions provided in each update. If you do not want to receive push notifications, you can disable this option on your mobile device.



·         To carry out promotional activities (for example, to organize competitions or to send a list of products you have saved to the email address you indicate). By participating in any promotion, you authorize us to process the personal data you have shared with us in accordance with the promotion and we may share it through various media such as social networks or our Website itself. In each promotion you participate in, you will be provided with the terms and conditions where we will provide you with more detailed information about the processing of your data.

·         To publish photos or images that you have shared publicly on our Website or through our social media channels, provided that you have given us your express consent to do so.


4. Usability and quality analysis to improve our products


·         If you enter our Website, we inform you that we will process your browsing data for analysis and statistical purposes, i.e. to understand how users interact with our Website and thus to be able to introduce improvements to it.

·         In addition, we sometimes conduct quality surveys and actions aimed at knowing the degree of satisfaction of our customers and users and identifying those areas in which we can improve.




The legal bases that allow us to process your personal data also depend on the purpose for which we process it, as explained in the table below:

1. Development, fulfillment and execution of the contract of products and services


We process your data because it is necessary
to perform the products and services contract with you.

Certain data processing related
with the purchase process are activated only because you request or approve it, such as the payment means of our third party contracted partners, such as indicatively Banks or Credit Institutions or in general Payment Services.

We believe we have a legitimate interest in carrying out the necessary checks to detect and prevent potential fraud when you make a purchase. We realize that
the processing of these data has a positive sign for all
the parties involved when the payment is made
of a market and especially for you, as this allows us
take steps to protect you from fraud attempts by third parties;


2. Customer Service


We have a legitimate interest in responding to requests or queries raised by you through the various existing communication channels. We understand that the processing of this data is also beneficial to you, insofar as it allows us to adequately assist you and answer the questions you raise.

When you contact us, especially to manage events related to your order or the product / service acquired through the website, the processing of your data is necessary for the performance of the product and service contract.

Where your inquiry relates to the exercise of your rights which we inform you of below or to claims relating to our products, we are authorized to process your data is for our compliance with our legal obligations.


3. Marketing


We are authorized to process your data for marketing purposes due to the consent you give us e.g. when you agree to receive personalized information through various means, when you authorize us to send push notifications to your mobile device, or when you accept the legal terms and conditions in order to participate in a promotion or to publish your photos on our Website or in the media our social network.


4. Usability and quality analysis


We consider that we have a legitimate interest in analyzing the usability of our Website and the degree of user satisfaction, as they understand

that the processing of this data is also beneficial to you because its purpose is to improve the user experience and offer a higher quality service.





How long we retain your data will depend on the purposes for which we process it, as explained below:



Retention period


1. Development, fulfillment and execution of the contract of products and services


We will process your data for the time necessary to administer the purchase of the services you have acquired, including any returns, complaints or claims related to the purchase of the product and service.


2. Customer Service


We will process your data for as long as necessary to fulfill your request or request.


3. Marketing


We will process your data until you delete or
to cancel your subscription to the Newsletter.

If you participate in promotions, we will retain your data for a period of 6 months from the end of the promotion.


4. Usability and quality analysis


We will process your data during the period in which we take an action or a specific quality survey or until we anonymize your browsing data.

Regardless of how we process your data for the period of time strictly necessary to achieve the respective purpose, we will then keep it properly stored and protected for the period during which liability could arise from the processing, in accordance with the current legislation.

Once the statute of limitations has passed for each claim we will proceed to delete the personal data.


In order to fulfill the purposes stated in the Privacy Policy, it is necessary to give access to your personal data to contracted legal entities or natural persons who provide us with support in the services we offer you, namely:

Financial Organizations

Fraud detection and prevention agencies
Technology service providers
Supply, transportation and delivery partners and service providers
Service providers related to customer service
Marketing-related partners and service providers
and advertising

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data and ensuring that you can exercise your rights. Taking you into account, we as the Data Controller have agreed that you can exercise your rights free of charge by writing us an email to a unique email address “infodiadiasis@gmail.com”, simply stating to us the reason for the request you and the right you wish to exercise. In the event that we deem it necessary to confirm your identity, we may request a copy of a document proving your identity.

In particular, regardless of the purpose or legal basis on which we process your data, you have the following rights:

Ask us to access the data we hold about you.
Ask us to correct the data we have.
In any case, please note that by actively providing your personal data to us in any way, you warrant
that they are true and accurate and you agree to notify us of any change or modification thereof. The sole responsibility for any loss or damage caused to our Website
or to the person responsible for our Website or to any third party, due to filling in incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration forms, the user bears. Please remember that as a general rule you should only provide your own personal data, and not data of third parties, except to the extent permitted under this Privacy Policy.
Ask us to delete your data to the extent that it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we must continue to process it as we have already explained to you above or when we are no longer lawful to process it.
Ask us to cancel or restrict the processing of your personal data, which means that in some cases you can ask us to temporarily suspend the processing of the data or to keep it beyond the required time when you need it.
If you have given us your consent to process your data for any purpose, you also have the right to withdraw it at any time.
Where we are authorized to process your data based on your consent or for the performance of the contract, we will

you also have the right to request the portability of your personal data. This means that you will have the right to receive the personal data you have provided to us in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format in order to transmit it directly to another legal entity without hindrance on our part.

In addition, where the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest, you will also have the right to object to the processing of your data.

We inform you of your right to file a complaint with the competent regulatory authority, i.e. the Hellenic Personal Data Protection Authority:



We may modify the information contained in this Privacy Policy when we deem it necessary. In case that
we do so, we will notify you in various ways through
of our Website (for example, via a banner, pop-up or push notification) or we may even send you a notification to your email address when such a change is important to your privacy, so that you can review changes, evaluate them and, where appropriate, object or unsubscribe from a service or feature. In any case, we recommend that you check this Privacy Policy from time to time in case we make minor changes or introduce some interactive improvement, taking advantage of the possibility that you will always find it as a permanent point of information on our Website.


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Please read the Cookies Policy to understand in more detail the cookies and similar devices we use, their purpose and other information of interest to you.